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March 19, 2013

iPhone Fan Tries Windows Phone

Interesting series from an iPhone user (enthusiast) who tries out a Windows phone on Lumia 920. He starts out on the negative side, per below, but adds some positive feedback as well. It seems like a fair article. I certainly have some complaints about battery life myself.

However, I really am impressed by the Windows phone overall. I used an iPhone for THREE years before getting my Windows phone.

I can honestly say that I would hyperventilate for months on end if my Windows phone is ever taken away from me. It would take months to recover, and I'd probably have to go to a ... Blackberry or something.
From the article:

"I miss my iPhone.

In my first week with Windows Phone—specifically, the Nokia Lumia 920—I had a bit of a honeymoon phase: I was wowed by the device’s impressive display, the clever home screen, and its powerful lock-screen features. Two weeks in, the frustrations started to get to me: Notifications are seriously lacking, TellMe is a lousy facsimile of Siri, and the keyboard’s autocorrect features aren’t quite up to snuff.

Now that I’ve spent more than three weeks on my Windows Phone journey, a more nuanced picture has begun to take shape: My list of annoyances continues to grow, but so too does my list of Windows Phone features that I wish Apple would emulate on iOS."

Read the TechHive article here

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