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January 16, 2013

Lumia 920 Windows 8 Phone Supplies

Interesting read regarding the apprehension Nokia had about Windows 8 phone sales.

"We’ve all heard the reports that Nokia’s Lumia 920 is selling out amongst retailers, although to be fair some have questioned if this might be due to a lack of supply rather than actual excitement of the product. However at the rate the Lumia 920 is topping AT&T’s charts on Amazon, it’s safe to say that there is a certain amount of excitement surrounding the Windows Phone 8 handset, but at the same time it seems that the skeptics might have been right about the short supply. In a conference call with leading investors and analysts, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop admitted that sales of the device would have been a lot faster had there not been any supply-side issues.

While some of the supply issues were legitimate, Elop admits that they decided to introduce the Lumia 920 in a very deliberate and thoughtful manner. Apparently they were worried that the phone might not be met well which would then leave them with a surplus of units that were unsold ..."

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