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December 10, 2012

Windows Apps in Cloud

It looks like developers will are able to essentially save their custom built apps to the Cloud. This is intriguing for Developers across the Microsoft spectrum.

From ZDNet:

"One of the new development concepts introduced with Windows Phone 8 is compiling applications in the cloud. But what does this mean, exactly?
Among the hundred-plus developer sessions that Microsoft execs presented at the company's Build 2012 conference (and which are now viewable for free by anyone, not just conference-goers) was one touching on Microsoft's cloud-compilation strategy.
The Softies first mentioned intentions to provide compilation in the cloud in June 2012 -- when Microsoft first opened up about some of the features coming in Windows Phone 8. Details were scarce, other than the fact that Microsoft, and not individual developers, was expected to be the one doing the compiling of apps once they were submitted for approval. Up until last week, Microsoft officials declined to say anything further about how cloud-compilation would work for Windows Phone.
(One thing we did know is that cloud compilation is/was part of Microsoft's strategy to insure that existing Windows Phone 7.x apps work well on Windows Phone 8.)
There's now more publicly available information. In addition to the aforementioned Build session, a new Microsoft Channel 9 "Going Deep" episode digs even further into cloud compilation, which Microsoft is advertising as enabling "really fast startup of Windows Phone 8 .Net apps."

ZDNet Article

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